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Whether you’re planning a renovation or simply need routine maintenance on your home or business’ plumbing systems, our team of professional plumbers in Los Angeles and Burbank can help you.

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Drain cleaning, drain care, septic system care, septic field rejuvenation, tank inspection, high-tech sewer jetting, pipe sanitizing…


Leaks repair, faucet installation, toilet repair, toilet replacement, faucet leaks, shutoff valves, kitchens, drain repairs…


Camera inspection, leaks detection, slow drains, maintenance plans, complete plumbing checkup, plumbing diagnosis, installations…

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Six Things to Look for When Hiring a Plumbing Company

When searching for a plumbing company in Los Angeles, it’s hard to know which one is reputable, knowledgeable, reliable, and competitive with their pricing…

Why an Emergency Plumber Can be so Hard to Find

In Los Angeles, plumbing issues can seemingly spring from nowhere. From burst pipes to sewage backing up to appliances overflowing, there are any number of…

How to Find the Right Plumbing Contractor for you

Ask Around Even in our technological age, word of mouth is still the best source of information. Ask your close friends, neighbours, and relatives which …

Family Owned and Operated with over 30 years of experience!

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Ben and Deana Garcia are your expert team when it comes to plumbing and contracting!

Honest Plumbing & Rooter, Inc. has been serving all of Los Angeles County, Burbank, Silver Lake, Highland Park, Eagle Rock, Hollywood Hills, Pasadena, La Canada, Arcadia, Altadena, Glendale, Studio City, North Hollywood, Los Feliz, Atwater Village, Woodland Hills, Canoga Park, Sunland, Tujunga, Sylmar, Granada Hills, Northridge, Sherman oaks, the entire San Fernando Valley and many more. We are family owned and operated and have over 24 years of experience as plumbing contractors!

Plumbing Specialists… Honest Plumbing & Rooter, Inc. is a full-service plumbing company that offers a wide range of service. Our plumbing contractors specialize in water & gas re-pipes, pipe lining, trenchless sewer pipe replacement and copper re-pipes. If you would like to convert your septic tank to a sewage line connect it to the city main line you are in luck… that is our specialty! We also do all of our own work and use all of our own equipment.

All jobs are priced per job, not by the hour. We even have special rates for contractor’s and the trade.

We believe there is no job too big or too small. Don’t panic, just pick up the phone and give Honest Plumbing a call. You will be glad that you did.

Honest Plumbing is the best service provider of plumbing services that provides 24 Hours services. Any person who is need of plumber then you are on right path. We have over 24 years of experience as plumbing contractors and proud to be serving Burbank and surrounding Los Angeles and California area. Our plumbing contractors deal in numerous services such as toilet repair, maintenance of leak detection and many more.

If any person has requirement of emergency plumbing services in LA, California, then Honest Plumbing is the best solution for your problem. If you have any problem related to pipe burst or you are dealing with a major problem that just happened. Or maybe you just came to your house after your job and you found your kitchen is fully flooded. In that situation, our plumbing contractors in Los Angeles are available at your services 24 Hours.

Bathroom plumbing services in Los Angeles are also provided by Honest plumbing. Your bathroom is the most important part of your house. There is nothing worse than having old dirty bathroom. Our bathroom plumbing services are very quick, professional, and easy. Our plumbing contractors in Los Angeles make it sure you get your dream bathroom in your house.

Sewer Repairs and Lateral Replacement Los Angeles

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We offer plumbing services and solutions for every type of issue – from common clogs to a full mainline replacement.

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Professional plumbing services are combined with reasonable prices.

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We are available every time for our customers for any plumbing emergency services. Our plumbers are very efficient at their work.

If you have any requirement of plumbing services, contact Honest Plumbing TODAY at (818) 840-8842.

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Your drain can get clogged for a variety of reasons.  Build up of waste, garbage, hair and even shampoo can build up and clog your drain.  Be cautious what you put down your drain to avoid clogging.

There’s usually more than one reason why your faucet drips.  It can be a bad installment, leading to broken plumbing.  The water pressure is too high, meaning you should reduce the force to your water pressure, slightly.  Lastly a replacement of a worn out cartridge may be in order.

There’s usually more than one reason why your faucet drips.  It can be a bad installment, leading to broken plumbing.  The water pressure is too high, meaning you should reduce the force to your water pressure, slightly.  Lastly a replacement of a worn out cartridge may be in order.

Reduce the stress on your pipes to avoid any leaks and or damage.  Take down the water pressure and soften your water if it consists of a high mineral content.

Yes.  Its always a good idea to get a running toilet fixed asap.  You don’t want to be out of the house and have a leak sprung come that can cost thousands in repair.

It depends on how well you maintain your water heater, the water quality in your area and if it was installed properly.   That’s why it’s best to work with a company that has professionals at the helm .

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