Los Angeles Tree Root Removal Services

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Allot of home owners have to deal with the fact that a tree located on their property can potentially become hazardous.  Whether its the roots starting to become destructive to your piping system, the threat of a storm and the possibility of a tree collapsing on the house.  These are all scenarios to consider, and it’s probably best to consult a professional in the manner as  it’s a dangerous job.  Here at Honest Plumbing we focus more on the the removal of over grown roots that become a problem for your Septic Systems .


Tree Root Removal:

The question you have to ask yourself is if you want to save the tree who’s roots are becoming obstructive or remove the roots from a tree that has been cut down.

Signs you need Tree Root Removal:

  • Roots Surfacing on your lawn, creating obstructions on your day to day lawn activities.
  • Damaged Sewer Lines. Suffering from leaks, a mediocre amount of water coming through your faucets? Dirty water etc.  These can be due to damaged sewer lines created by overgrown tree roots.
  • If the roots are coming out of the sidewalk  or driveway.
Damaged Sewer Line

Why Hire a professional?

We have the experience, knowledge and necessary  equipment to do it right.  Removing roots is tricky and dangerous, and if not done right it can lead to more repairs and damage to your property.  Keep in mind allot of neighborhood trees are linked and cutting one improperly can lead to the damage of other trees.


The Natural way in removing tree roots:

  • Manual removal – This is the most natural way in removing room, without the obvious chemicals or  heavy machinery.  We simply locate the roots and selectively cut and remove them.  We would dig down around the roots and use either a handsaw or chainsaw to cut the roottreerootremovals.
  • Another option is setting up barriers.  We would locate the undesirable root, remove it then install a heavy duty barrier to curb the roots growth.  The barrier would be installed at the root or root ball.
  • Killing the root and tree is another option.  There are commercial products that can be utilized to poison the roots.  These products are usually put on to the groove of the tree root or poured into drill holes that is bored into the root and tree.  Once the chemical is utilized it will not only kill the root but speed up it’s decay.  Finally, there are versions of this chemical with potassium nitrate to kill and decompose the roots that won’t harm your yard.
  • Speeding up decay through the utilization of moist soil.  This includes tree stumps and soil.

So if you’re really considering removing obstructive tree roots, call us and let’s discuss your situation.  We have a variety of methods to ensure the best possible outcome for your situation, as we understand each client us unique.  Honest Plumbing has the team of pros and the years of experience to do the job right.  Tree root removal?  no problem we can do it.