Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair/ Replacement Services

Trenchless pipe repair and/or sewer line replacement is an extremely beneficial service as it saves you the difficulty of having to dig up your old sewer pipeline. This keeps money in your pocket and provides more than one benefit.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Repair/ Replacement Specialist

  • By getting a trenchless sewer repair or replacement you are saving your yard and landscaping from any unnecessary damage.  Two small holes are implemented in your yard, just a few feet in diameter, and once the installation is complete, there is no need of any costly repairs to your property afterwards.
  • Trenchless sewer repair/ replacement takes a fraction of the time compared to digging up your yard, which can take several weeks.  Finally, repair is easy and accessible saving your money once again in the long run.
Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement Services LA
The process of trenchless pipe repair. Done without destroying your front lawn. One entry and one exit. Simple, affordable and efficient.

A clogged sewer line can be an issue, but a broken one can lead to disaster.  Traditionally sewer line repairs consist of heavy digging, which would lead to serious lawn damage.  With today’s contemporary techniques, you avoid all the damage.  Although it doesn’t work in every cast, the majority of broken sewer lines can be repaired using trenchless techniques.

Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement Services in Los Angeles, California – So, how does it work?

Usually standard sewer line repair consists of removing old pipes and replacing them with new ones.  When utilizing trenchless pipe repair, we skip the replacement of old pipes and instead, thread a new pipe through the old one.  This process is what we refer to as “relining”. Since the lining of the pipe is flexible and the water is tight, this allows the water to move more freely through the damaged pipes.

Best Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement Services in LA
Before and after. Now your water flow will increase and run much smoother and cleaner than before.

If you are weary of getting your pipes lined, we can still perform a form of trenchless pipe repair.  We can take a new pipe, which can be pushed through the old pipe.  As it’s being replaced it will take the place of the old sewer line.  The older pipes will eventually shatter as the new pipes are installed.  Both options will require some digging to gain access to the original pipe.  If your home offers an easy access point, you will require little to no digging whatsoever, saving you the hassle of re-adjusting your yard.  Regardless, by using the trenchless method, you avoid far less damage to your yard.

If you’re thinking of doing some trenchless work, it’s best to leave it to the professionals as it takes years to master and achieve the desired results.  Doing it yourself can result in an improperly lain pipe, which will then need to be removed by digging, which in turn has the chance of damaging your yard.

What’s the process?

  • At first, we locate two holes in your yard that will serve as the entry and exit point.
  • Step two requires a splitting head which is installed on to the replacement pipe, which in turn goes through the old pipe.
  • While the old pipe is being extended, the new one is being pulled through at the same time.  The new pipe will follow the same procedure as the old one regarding installation.  The new pipe will consist of updated material, one piece of polyethylene pipe, which is not jointed.  Due to the upgraded material, the new pipe will easily outlive the old one. Also, an added bonus is that polyethylene pipes will not allow tree roots to grow into the pipe, compared to the old-fashioned pipes.
  • Since the pipes are cured as they are being installed.  The amount that flows through them will increase, enhancing the functionality of your system.

Is trenchless pipe repair eco-friendly?

Best Trenchless Sewer Pipe Replacement Services in ca
Here we can see the old pipe on top of the new pipe. Eventually the old one will shatter leaving the new pipe in its place

Yes.  Epoxy re-piping controls water pollution, while saving your water supply.  All the digging and landscape repair is harmful to the environment and is something you want to avoid in the long run.  Traditional pipe repair can take anywhere from 6-8 weeks and end up damaging your lawn, which you are responsible for. Whereas a Trenchless pipe repair can take as little as 4 hours to repair, depending on your water system.  Regardless, it will save you money, the headache of having to repair damage to your lawn.

How much will you save?

It can be up to 50% less expensive than a traditional pipe repair. The majority of the time more than 60% of pipe repair goes into repair costs towards the property, after the pipe repair is complete.

Overall, it’s probably best to go with a trenchless pipe repairs as you will save much more and it’s less time strenuous.  It would probably be one of the best investments you’ll make on your home.

Trenchless Pipe Replacement/ Repair

The trenchless pipe repair/ replacement procedure reduces the cost of replacing a sewer pipe, and installs a better product in the ground than the conventional open cut or trenching procedures which are more costly and time consuming. Our plumber will assist you in best way to provide trenchless line repair/ replacement services in Los Angeles according to your requirements. The procedure for trenchless sewer pipe replacement involves underground trenchless pipe repair/ replacement that is accomplished without digging long trenches in the ground. This procedure is very efficient due to following reasons:


  • Trenchless pipe replacement demands lower as compare to other traditional procedures.
  • Either a commercial property or a residential property, trenchless line repair/ replacement can help in getting the system back to work easily and quickly.
  • The most important factor about trenchless sewer line repair/ replacement or repair services is that it prevents future issues concerning your system.