Suffering from a leak and can’t tell where it’s coming from? Sometimes water leaks can be something that can go from minor to major very fast. Avoid the problems of water damage and prevent a potential disaster before it even happens. We provide electronic leak detection services in Los Angeles that will determine the issue in minutes and save you time and money.

With new leak detection methods, we have developed ways on finding the smallest defects. We’re able to find breaches in the roof membrane and many other areas throughout your house. This ensures we don’t miss a spot, including leaks that can’t be seen by the naked eye making your home watertight. ELD should be seriously considered as other methods will only be able to detect a leak once most of the damage has been done. This will save you money and the hassle of having to deal with more damage repairs. We cover all ELD techniques from low-voltage to high-voltage, to suit your application. Whether it’s for your home or a business we have it covered. If you’re not sure which application suits your needs, feel free to contact us and we can discuss what will best suit you. Both high and low-voltage have their advantages but it’s best to consult a professional to know which will best suit your application, so you can get the most out of our ELD. Electronic leak detection is especially great for basement applications, as traditional wood and drywall can rot and lead to mold as moister levels are more substantial underground.

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