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Sewer Repairs Los Angeles

If you’re suffering from minor cracks or even a complete collapse of your sewer line, then we can help.  We offer affordable sewer repairs or a full on lateral replacement to make sure the issue doesn’t persist.  Our team of trained professionals in Los Angeles will make sure whatever sewage issue you’re having will be put to rest.

Several factors come into account that would require a sewer line replacement or repair.

  • Tree roots grow into your pipes, causing cracks and other damages.
  • The flat portion of the pipes or what is also known as the belly can collect debris.
  • When enough time passes from the initial installation, most pipes will suffer from misalignment due to erosion.
  • Aging in general, which will lead to cracks and leaks.

We offer this service to either commercial businesses or a place of residents.  The majority of the time we end doing lateral replacement/repairs on commercial properties, as it requires us to do some digging in order to get to the pipes.  The pipes are then removed and replaced with thick walled, high quality copper piping.  Once the installation is complete.  The pipes are finally tested for leaks by pressure testing and then steps are taken to restore the property to its original condition.

This method usually consists of us having to dig up the area and creating a deep trench so we’re able to remove the old pipes and put in the new ones.  This is just one option available to you.  We also offer trenchless pipe repair services in Los Angeles, which is less invasive and requires minimal digging.

What’s included?

Sewer Repairs Los Angeles

    • A traditional dig and remove/replace of the old pipes.  We dig up the old pipes and then once the new ones are installed we refill the trench.  As we’re a California licensed plumbing company, we will provide you with video of us replacing the old clay piping, via traditional methods.

Sewer line repair and or replacement requires a permit, so it’s best to with your local building if it’s a commercial space or let us handle the required governmental paperwork.

Cost Estimation – Sewer Repairs in Los Angeles

At first, we would have to do a video camera inspection to determine what the nature of the issue as well as the length of the pipes.  Keeping that in mind the cost will fluctuate accordingly.  On average, it can be anywhere from $250-$550 or $8,000 to $15,000 on a big complicated job.  That’s why it’s important to hire a company with the experience and equipment to do it right from the start.

Pipe Bursting

Pipe bursting is using a trenchless method to replace buried pipelines (such as sewer, water, or natural gas pipes) “Launching and receiving pits” replace the trench needed by conventional pipe-laying.

Pipe Relining Process

Relining process is basically when we have to create a pipe within a pipe, to restore functionality and flow.  Our new pipes contain epoxy relining materials that is beneficial in creating a smooth new inner wall, within youSewer Repair Services Los Angelesr pipe similar to the inside of food cans.  The pipe relining technique is usually used for when tree roots star to become intrusive/destructive.  Usually this technique requires little digging and more often than not we get called in for seal cracks or holes in the pipe.  We can fill in the missing portion of the pipe and the seal joint connections underground, without having to dig up the whole yard.  This can also be done to roof drain pipes, storm lines and anything that’s under concrete.  Finally, we make sure all the products we use are non-hazardous and environmentally friendly.