Five Signs You Need a Plumber and Five Signs It Can Wait

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Five Signs that You Need a Plumber

When you have a plumbing emergency, do not wait to call a plumber. It is important to seek help from a plumber in Los Angeles at the first sign of trouble to avoid making the problem worse by ignoring it. Five signs that you absolutely need a plumber are as follows :

1.  A Pipe Burst : This is definitely a plumbing emergency. No matter how small the pipe or where in your house it is located, it is important to call for help immediately before you end up with a flood or further damage to your pipes.

2.  A Flood : If you get home from work only to discover that your basement is flooded, call an emergency plumber in Los Angeles immediately. Whether the flood is a result of a burst pipe, heavy rainfall, or something else, this is an issue that must be dealt with before it becomes even worse. If left for too long, flooding can do both aesthetic and structural damage to your home.

3.  Clogged Drains : This may not seem like an emergency compared to the above two examples; however a clogged drain will not go away on its own. Clogged drains are caused by a buildup of waste, garbage or hair. Regardless of the reasoning behind the clog, you need a plumber to clean and repair the drain before it gets out of hand.

4.  Toilet Repair : Your bathroom is arguably one of the most important rooms in your home; therefore, it is important that it is functioning correctly at all times. Whether your toilet is clogged, running or not functioning properly, you must call a plumber sooner rather than later to take care of it. Don’t wait until it’s too late and you end up with a larger bill!

5.  Leaks : Regardless of the type of leak that you’re experiencing, no leak is good. At its worst, a small leak can eventually develop into a much more costly flood. As always, it is better to call a plumber to fix the leak before it becomes a major problem for you.

Five Signs that It Can Wait

Not all pluming jobs are emergencies, which is why it is important to understand when to call right away, and when you have a bit more time to save. To analyze the difference between emergencies versus jobs that can be put off for the time being, five signs that it can wait are as follows:

1.  Renovations : Is your bathroom, kitchen, or laundry room unsightly? Are you persuaded to spend as little time as possible in these rooms because of the state that they are in? These are valid reasons to call a plumber to fix your issue; however, renovations can wait until you’ve saved the money needed to create your dream room.

2.  Preventative Measures : Although measures such as leak prevention are very intelligent, it is not something that must be taken care of straight away. It may be more practical to finish the jobs that must get done, and then perhaps consider prevention techniques when you have the money to do so.

3.  Replacement : If it is not an emergency to replace your toilet, shower, sink, or faucets, then upgrading these items is a luxury, not a necessity. Although opting for newer products could help you save water and energy (and thus save money), this can wait until you’ve had the time to save for what you really want.

4.  Maintenance : Much like replacement, if your current equipment is running smoothly and you haven’t run into any issues with your plumbing, you can wait to set up a tailored maintenance schedule.

5.  Plumber Suggestion : When it comes down to it, you must trust that your plumber knows the best course of action to take. If it is not the emergency that you thought it might be when you originally called for help, don’t worry! A minor repair may be all that is needed instead of replacing your entire sink, or another larger job.

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