Get Your Drains Clean with Hydro Jetting

It’s a problem nobody wants to deal with. You see water pooling in the shower, draining far more slowly than it should. A clog in the sink means it stays full. You give the toilet a flush and see the water creeping up instead of swirling down. A clogged pipe can be frustrating, embarrassing, and worst of all, costly.

However, the way you deal with the clog can save you money and frustration going forward. Quick fix solutions that don’t eliminate the problem entirely will only come back to haunt you, and chemical solutions might cause other types of damage that impact your home and your health. If you live in Los Angeles and are dealing with a clogged pipe, give our hydro jetting services a try. We offer some of the best, most honest hydro jet in LA. Here are a few benefits to this method of plumbing.

LA Hydro JetWhat is Hydro Jetting?

Hydro jetting is a method of cleaning and unclogging pipes that uses a high-pressure stream of water to eliminate solids and build-up in your pipes. A thin water line is inserted into the clogged pipe, from which hundreds of mini jets of water are released at a pressure that is high enough to chip away at any unwanted substances. Every plumber offering hydro jet in LA operates a little differently, but here at honest plumbing, we start the process by using fiber-optic video technology to locate the clog, allowing us to target it as accurately as possible.

Greater Efficiency Means Saved Money

Hydro jetting targets the clog in a very precise way and eliminates most clogs thoroughly. This level of efficiency saves you money because it means you won’t have to toy around with various removal methods that may not work as thoroughly. Some plumbing methods only partially remove a clog. This may get everything running again in the short term, but it won’t be long before problems start up again and you’re sinking more money into the problem. You’re better off calling a plumber who uses hydro jet in LA to eliminate the problem the first time.

Thorough Clean Keeps Clogs from Reforming

If you remove a clog without cleaning the pipe, there may be enough buildup and residue for the clog to re-form. Hydro jetting cleans the pipe as well, reducing the risk of a new clog forming and keeping you in the clear for longer.

No Harsh Chemicals

One of the best reasons to hire a plumber who uses hydro jet in LA is that it is environmentally friendly. Chemical solutions may successfully remove a clog, but at what cost? You’ll be introducing harmful substances into your home and the environment. Hydro jetting attacks the clog using only water, making it a safe solution for your family and your community.

Are you dealing with clogged pipes? Give Honest Plumbing a call! We have some of the best hydro jet services in LA. And can get things running in no time.