Common Reasons Why You Need to Opt for an Emergency Plumber

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All homeowners that take care of their home maintenance know that there are just some situations you want to leave to a professional. What’s one of the top home issues needing a professional? When you have plumbing problems. These plumbing problems can be anywhere from water leaks to busted pipes, to water heater problems, to clogged drains or improper drainage. In all of these cases, you should be looking for a professional emergency plumber in Los Angeles to solve your problems before they get out of your control and cause damage that could cost you thousands of dollars to repair.

Water Leaks

The most common reason to opt for an emergency plumber in Los Angeles is water leaks in your home. Some water leaks are simple to temporarily fix, such as replacing gaskets, or maybe the leak is so small that it’s just a drip that you ignore for a while. However, situations can change or can be far more drastic than they seem, and they can cause a lot of damage quickly. Leaks that lead to flooding will warrant the use of an emergency plumber to fix the problem quickly so that you don’t lose your precious valuables, but also so you don’t damage the wood in your home, leading to conditions that can grow mold and endanger your health. If you detect a leak, you can turn off either the whole building’s water supply via the main water shut off, or via any isolation shut-off valves.

Busted Pipes

Related to water leaking is when you have a pipe burst, and that is definitely going to require you to contact an emergency plumber in Los Angeles as soon as possible. There are many causes for busted pipes, such as freezing, lack of maintenance causing corrosion, or accidental damage caused by something hitting it while doing other work. Since most pipes are behind walls, the damage can be extensive before it might even be noticed, so it needs to be fixed quickly.

Water Heater Problems

Water heaters are ubiquitous to homes nowadays, whether they are standard tank water heaters or wall mounted tankless water heaters, and a malfunctioning water heater is a reason to contact an emergency plumber in Los Angeles. Water heaters are also something that the average homeowner isn’t going to have the expertise or tools to properly fix themselves, but an emergency plumber will.

Drainage Issues

Drainage is very important in a home; without proper drainage in a home, clogs are going to cause backed up water that is going to be very messy and sometimes hazardous to clean up. An emergency plumber in Los Angeles should be contacted quickly if a clog occurs, especially if it’s related to any pipes that are removing human waste from your home—contaminations from that will be costly to clean up.

Gas Leaking

Homeowners should know that, if your home has a gas leak, an emergency plumber in Los Angeles should be contacted immediately because the CO build up and the explosion hazard of leaking gas make for a very dangerous situation. As soon as a gas leak is detected, you should cut off the main emergency shut off for your gas, leave your home, contact the fire department, and not return until you are told it is safe. In the case of no emergency shut off for the whole building, turn any appliances that use the gas to the “pilot” position to avoid more damage.

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