The Top Five Questions to Ask an Emergency Plumber

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A question new home owners often ask is, “What questions should I ask when calling an emergency plumber in Los Angeles?” We will answer those questions in this post!

Five Questions to ask a Plumber When You have a Plumbing Emergency

1.  How quickly can you arrive?

The first question commonly asked when calling an emergency plumber in Los Angeles is, how quickly can the plumbing team arrive? When it comes to a professional plumbing company, they can usually send someone within a three-hour time frame. This can be even faster if the plumbing service specifically offers emergency plumbing.

2.  What should I do while I wait?

A second important question to ask is what you should do with a leak or flood while you’re waiting for the plumber to arrive. If you describe the problem to the plumbing company dispatcher, the emergency plumber can tell you the steps you should take and guide you through the process until the technician arrives. They can also let you know if you need to turn off any breakers or call the city to turn off the water supply to your house.

3.  Are you a licensed plumbing contractor?

A third important question is whether the emergency plumbing company in Los Angeles is a licensed plumbing contractor. A licensed plumber will follow state regulations with regards to the work as well as following building and safety codes. Note that a California apprentice emergency plumber in Los Angeles can come and work on the call without a license, but he or she should not do any work without a licensed plumber overseeing them.

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4.  Do you Have Liability Coverage and Warranty?

The fourth question is, do you have liability insurance coverage? It’s crucial that every professional emergency plumber has liability insurance. Common liability for a residential home is $2 million, but professional plumbing services will often have up to $5 million in coverage. This liability coverage is there to protect you, your family and your house in case there’s a problem or damage as a result of the work done by the plumber.

5.  Can I get This in Writing?

The fifth question to ask an emergency plumber in Los Angeles is, “can I get that in writing?” This includes the invoice, warranty, and details about the services being delivered and installed in your house.

It’s impossible to know when you’ll need an emergency plumber in Los Angeles, so don’t be unprepared. If you’re looking for an emergency plumbing service, we can help. At Honest Plumber we will readily answer the questions above as well as any other questions you may have. To find out more, please visit our website.