When Do We Have to Contact a Leak Detection Professional

While living your everyday life, you rarely think of the things that could break down in your home, and when you do notice something, you often procrastinate, putting it off for another day. Something you should never put off when noticed, though, is a water leak. What starts out as a small amount of water on a pipe, or building up in a corner, can turn into a major and expensive issue very quickly. The moment you notice a water leak you should contact a professional for leak detection in Los Angeles, as both a preventative or corrective measure.

How to Spot a Possible Leak

Pipes in Los Angeles are susceptible to leaks just like everywhere else, and in some cases, even more, due to higher than average levels of humidity, heat, and movement in the ground causing a shifting of the position of pipes. There are many signs that indicate a water leak:

Leak Detection• Higher than Normal Water Bill – You should be paying attention to your water bill every month, and if you suddenly notice an increase in your water bill that can’t be explained any other way, then you may have a water leak somewhere in, or near your home.

• Water Pooling on Your Lawn – Water pooling on portions of your lawn could be an indication that a pipe in the ground somewhere on your property has been damaged (especially if it hasn’t rained recently).

• The Sound of Running Water – If you are constantly hearing the sound of running water and none of your taps are on, or your water heater isn’t refilling, you probably have a water leak.

• Wet or Damp Spots on Your Dry Wall or Floors – One of the most obvious indicators of a water leak is when you see water or dampness in your home on the walls or floors. Contact a professional for leak detection in Los Angeles to pinpoint the leak.

• Low Water Pressure – Nothing can be more frustrating that having low water pressure when you try to use the shower, or one of your sink taps, and this is a clear sign that there is a possible leak somewhere in your plumbing.

• Mold – Mold requires a water source to grow, so if you have spotted mold in your home, there could be a leak that is feeding it, and allowing it to grow and spread.

How a Professional Finds a Leak

When you bring in a professional for leak detection in Los Angeles, they should be using the latest in electronic detection devices to find the leak quickly and precisely. The tools used for electronic leak detection allows the professional to take advantage of the fact that a leak within your pipes results in a change in the acoustics of the water. Using the tools they bring, they can hear the sound the leak is making, and the sound of the reduced pressure in the pipe, and with this information they can pinpoint the location of the leak quickly and without being obtrusive. Even if there isn’t a burst pipe, a leak detection specialist is trained to look at the clues of your water damage to quickly find the cause (such as an improperly installed window, or a leaky roof.)

Hire a Leak Detection Specialist to Protect Your Home

If you have any of the above signs of a possible water leak in your home, contact the professionals at Honest Plumbing for leak detection in Los Angeles, before costly damage is done your home, or irreplaceable heirlooms are damaged.