Benefits of trenchless pipe lining

When sewer lines get clogged or broken, they can be a nasty mess, a huge pain to repair and a huge expense. On top of that, the thought of digging up your yard probably doesn’t sound too appealing. But there is another option that can save you time and money – trenchless pipe repair. Trenchless pipe repair takes a fraction of the time compared to traditional pipe repair and/or sewer line replacement, which can take weeks, sometimes even months. Although trenchless pipe repair is not an option in some cases, the majority of broken sewer lines can be repaired using trenchless techniques. Honest Plumbing in Burbank, CA offers repairs and services, including trenchless pipe repair.

What is trenchless pipe repair?

Trenchless pipe repair is a relatively simple process which entails implementing two small holes in your yard. Typically, standard sewer line repair consists of removing old pipes and replacing them with new ones, which also means digging up a good chunk of your yard. When utilizing trenchless pipe repair, instead of replacing old pipes, Honest Plumbing will thread a new pipe through the old one. This process is what is referred to as “relining”. Since the lining of the pipe is flexible and the water is tight, this allows the water to move more freely through the damaged pipes.

Alternatives to trenchless pipe lining

If, for some reason, you aren’t wanting to get your pipes lined, Honest Plumbing can still perform trenchless pipe repair by pushing a new pipe through the old pipe. This process will cause the old pipe to shatter and be replaced with the new pipe.

Benefits of trenchless pipe repair

1) Trenchless pipe repair is a cleaner alternative compared to traditional sewer repair – this method does not require digging up your yard, which causes a huge mess and a huge expense.

2) Trenchless pipe repair costs less compared to traditional sewer repair – since this method takes less time, this in turn cost less in labor costs.

3) Trenchless pipe repair takes less time to complete compared to traditional sewer repair – since this method does not require digging a trench, the repair and clean-up is done more quickly.

4) Trenchless pipe repair can improve sewer function – new trenchless sewer repair materials work better compared to traditional sewer repair materials. One main feature is that it won’t rust! The longevity of new trenchless pipe repairs outlives traditional sewer repair materials.

Environmental impact of trenchless pipe repair

Traditional sewer repair usually requires a lot of digging in order to access sewer pipes beneath ground – this method is highly destructive as it may involve destroying trees and/or plants. Even worse, digging up ground can disturb the soil and, consequently, release harmful, buried toxins into the air. These toxins are hazardous to those that are near the dig site and also could end up in water sources. By allowing Honest Plumbing to conduct a trenchless pipe repair, you diminish the negative environmental impact.


Depending on the severity of the sewer line damage, trenchless pipe repair can be a good option that costs significantly less than traditional sewer line repair. Contact Honest Plumbing today to find how they can help save you time and money with trenchless pipe repair.