The Efficiency of Trenchless Sewer Line Replacement

Save Your Yard And Your Money

Pipe repairs are one of those things that you can’t really pass on when you need one, even though they wreak havoc on your yard and call for an investment you didn’t exactly budget for. No matter the downsides, you don’t have a choice in the matter – except, thanks to trenchless sewer line replacements, now you do! Trenchless sewer repair is exactly what it sounds like: fixing or replacing your pipes without digging up your entire yard in the process of getting to your old pipeline. Instead, we just implement two small holes into your yard to get the job done, and when the work is over, you don’t have any expensive work to do to get the rest of your property fixed up. You can preserve your yard and landscaping throughout the process instead of sacrificing it in the name of necessary repairs, and you can save significant money to boot. As a matter of fact, trenchless sewer repair in Los Angeles can cost you up to 50% less than traditional pipe repair. That hefty price tag? Over 60% of that usually goes towards repairing the property damage after the pipe has been dealt with, something that isn’t necessary when you don’t have to dig a huge trench in the first place.

Trenchless Pipe RepairWhat Is Trenchless Pipe Replacement?

Trenchless pipe replacement is a process we refer to as “relining.” Instead of removing old pipes and putting new ones in, which involves digging up the whole yard, we thread a new pipe through the old one, which allows the water to flow free and clean, fixing the same problem that traditional pipe repair does without all the disruption. We can also fully replace pipes using our trenchless method by pushing a new pipe through the old pipe. During this installment process, the old pipe will eventually shatter, leaving the new one to completely replace the sewer line. While this process requires more digging than relining does, trenchless pipe repair still does significantly less damage to your property than traditional pipe replacement, saving your yard—and your wallet—from taking a massive hit.

An Environmentally Friendly Option

Not only is trenchless pipe replacement better for your landscaping and your budget, but it’s better for the environment, as well. This process saves your water supply while still controlling water pollution, and it prevents the massive damage to the environment that all the digging of traditional pipe repair causes. On top of that, while traditional pipe replacement can take as much as two months of work, the process of trenchless pipe repair can be as short as four hours. Instead of being forced to sacrifice the well-being of the environment for your own health and safety, you can go with an option that protects both you and your yard.

A Worthwhile Investment In Every Way

Trenchless sewer repair saves you tons of money, the stress of having work done on your property for 6-8 weeks, and the additional problem of needing to repair your damaged yard and landscaping after the piping is dealt with. Contact us at Honest Plumbing & Rooter, Inc. to find out more about how trenchless sewer pipe replacement can benefit you, get a free estimate, or give us a call at any hour at (818) 840-8842.