Sewer Repair 101: Tips & Advice for Sewer Repair in Los Angeles

If you have ever experienced sewage issues, then you know that the best thing to do is to have the situation handled as quickly as possible. Besides the obvious smells, sewer repair in Los Angeles is made worse by the hot climate. This is why it’s almost always better to leave sewer repairs to the professionals. That being said, there are some useful tips for handling sewer repairs. Here are just a couple of pieces of advice for dealing with sewer repairs.

Sewer Repair1.  Discover the Problem

Sewer line issues are often the results of blockages. This is why sewer repair in Los Angeles is often focused on breaking up blockages and re-setting pipes rather than complete overhauls of sewer systems. Since most people lack the proper equipment to inspect pipes for sewage blockages and issues, it is often best to call in the experts.

Those who are familiar with sewer repair in Los Angeles will have specialized cameras that can look deep inside sewage pipes to discover the problem. From there, they can chart out an affordable, proper course of action for the repair so they can have things back up and running more quickly.

2.  Know the Code

The City of Los Angeles has a very comprehensive and very complicated plumbing code that applies to every kind of plumbing within the city’s limits. This includes sewage lines, which is why all sewer repair in Los Angeles must be done by someone who is familiar with the codebook. Without that knowledge, the repair could be non-compliant, leading to more costly repairs to get things up to code.

While many people trust handymen and uncertified plumbing people for their plumbing work, sewer repair should be handled exclusively by professional, experienced, and certified plumbers. Since sewer repairs can be expensive, it only makes sense that the problem is fixed correctly the first time.

3.  Clear the Blockage if You Can

It is important that you never undertake plumbing work that you do not know how to do. Even the smallest mistake can lead to damages in your home or business, and they can even manage to injure you or someone close by. This is why most sewer repairs in Los Angeles should be handled by the professionals. That being said, if you have a plumber’s snake or auger, you might just be able to clear the blockage yourself—but only if you are familiar with how to use that device.

When it comes to sewer repair in Los Angeles, the best thing to do is to know your limits. Understand the things of which you are capable, and do not attempt anything that you do not understand or that may see you tinkering with infrastructure that you do not own. While many sewer repairs can be handled by most people who have a familiarity with plumbing, some jobs are too big, too technical, or too far outside your jurisdiction to handle.

If you are in search of sewer repair in Los Angeles, be sure to contact Honest Plumbing. We can offer you anything from minor repairs to full-on lateral replacements, and we will do it on time and at the price you’ve agreed upon.